Wild Alaska Black Cod, Confit Egg Yolk, Pickled Mushrooms, Salt Baked Swede, Beef and Onion Broth by Adam Reid


Alaska Black Cod
Pickled Mushrooms:
• 300g vinegar
• 200g water
• 100g sugar
• 50g salt
Salt Baked Swede:
• 1200g flour
• 300g fine salt
• 300g coarse salt
• 650g water
Beef Broth:
• 2k onions
• 1k beef shin meat
• 2k basic beef stock
• Tapioca Flour
• Smoked salt
• Mustard cress


Black Cod:
1. Fillet and pin bone
2. In a barbecue oven, heat some charcoal. Add a generous amount of soaked wood chipping and allow to smoke heavily.
3. Place the fillers on a trivette over the smoke and close lid.
4. Allow to hot smoke until the flesh is golden yellow and flakes easily at the touch
Pickled Mushrooms:
1. Heat water, vinegar and sugar to a boil
2. Pour over trimmed mushrooms, cover and allow to cool
Confit Egg Yolk:
1. Smoke oil for 40 minutes, the same way as the fish
2. Take two thirds of the oil and heat up to 70̊c
3. Put back with the other third and cling film
4. Cook in bain marie at 65 c for 2 and a half hours
Salt Baked Swede:
1. Make a pastry with the flour, both salts and water
2. Wrap the swede and cook for 2 hours at 180̊c
Beef Broth:
1. Half onions to leave top and bottom, spread on roasting trays cut side down spaced uniformly and not piled. Roast at 180̊c for approx. 90 mins until onions cooked and faces black / caramelised
2. Cut beef into thin tranche’s, colour on BBQ until well charred and using smoking chips generously. When finished dice into 1” pieces
3. Remove skin from onion flesh, save a few petals for garnish
4. Discard onion skin, deglaze trays with some of stock
5. Bag up as 1k onion, 1k beef, 2k stock
6. Cook at 75̊c for 12 hrs, pass through a fine sieve
7. Thicken with tapioca flour and season
To Finish:
1. Place warm yolk in centre of plate
2. Flake black cod and arrange around yolk
3. Add mushrooms
4. Tear onion petals and arrange
5. Pour over broth, garnish with mustard cress