Alaska Pollock Fritters with Fermented Tomato by Adam Reid


Alaska Pollock:
• 1400g salted Alaska pollock (SALTED 50˚ for 15 mins)
• 1200g whipped cream (Boil)
• 520g mashed potato
• 6 leaves Gelatine
• Flour
• Eggs
• Breadcrumbs
Fermented Tomato:
• 5kg plum tomatoes
• 1800g red pepper
• 250g red chilli (deseeded)
• 400g garlic (peeled)
• 20g black peppercorns
• 262g salt


Alaska Pollock:
1. Soften Gelatine
2. Heat a little of the cream then melt gelatine
3. Mix all and blend till smooth, pipe into moulds, freeze
4. Put flour, breadcrumbs and beaten eggs into separate trays
5. Pass brandade through flour, then eggs, then breadcrumbs
6. Refrigerate
7. Deep fry at 160˚C until golden.
Fermented Tomato:
1. Half the tomatoes and chop the rest of the ingredients.
2. Mix everything with the salt and put in a plastic container. Place another container on top with weights. Leave at room temperature for a minimum of 4 weeks - make sure the mix is always submerged in the juices that it releases to prevent mould occurring.
3. When ready to use pass the juice and reserve for another recipe. Blitz the remaining pulp and add a little xantham if needed.