Peppered Alaska Pollock with Pickled Mooli Radish by Adam Reid


Peppered Pollock:
• 50g all spice
• 100g pink peppercorns
• 25g black peppercorns
• 50g green peppercorns
• 25g coriander seed
• 10g dill seed
• 100g white miso paste
• 2kg Alaska pollock

Pickled Mooli:
• 650g 10% brine
• 500g rice wine vinegar
• 100g dashi vinegar
• 500g Mooli Radish
• 100g white soy


Alaska Pollock:

1. Fillet, pin bone and skin the pollock.
2. Remove the loin.
3. Salt loin in coarse sea salt for 10 minutes. Rinse in cold water and dry with a j-cloth. Reserve.
4. Toast the green peppercorns to remove excess brine.
5. Blend all in a thermo, well crushed, not powdered.
6. Toast 20g of mix with 10g chopped dill.
7. Spread white miso paste thinly over pollock loin and coat with crumb.
8. Pat to remove excess.
9. Slice when needed.

Pickled Mooli:
1. Mix vinegar and brine.
2. Slice mooli into batons.
3. Place in brine and pickle for 2 hours.
4. Drain immediately and roll into 10g rolls.