Barbecued King Crab with Elderflower Hollandaise by Adam Reid

Prep Time: 
10 min
Cook Time: 
20 min


• 300g picked elderflowers
• 200g white wine vinegar
• 500g butter
• X6 egg yolks
• X8 Alaska king crab legs


1. Heat vinegar and pour over 1/2 flowers, leave for 24 hours
2. Clarify the butter to separate the fat. Heat the butter very gently until the fat and milk separate.
3. Place yolks in a bowl with other 1/2 of flowers & 100ml vinegar, whisk over a pan of hot water until a thick sabayon is achieved
4. Slowly whisk in butter (you won't need it all) until desired flavour/richness is achieved. Keep at room temperature covered
5. On a hot BBQ, cook crab legs on a high heat, covered for approximately 10 minutes
6. Serve legs on a platter with shell crackers & pots of hollandaise on the side