Thai Sweet Potato and Pollock Fishcakes by Dale Pinnock


1 Large Sweet Potato - peeled and diced
200g of pollock
Half a red onion - finely chopped
1 Large Clove of garlic - finely chopped
1 tbsp thai red curry paste
1 Large egg


Place the diced sweet potato into a saucepan and simmer until soft enough to mash. Drain and set aside.

Cook the pollock in the oven, then flake with a fork.

In a large bowl, mash the cooked sweet potato. Add the flaked fish, the garlic, the onion and the red curry paste, and mix all ingredients well. Season with salt.

Whisk the egg into a shallow bowl, and tip oatmeal into another.

Form the fish/sweet potato mixture into burger sized patties. Dip them in the egg, then dip in to the oatmeal.

Bake at 180 for 20 minutes, or until golden brown.