Hot Smoked Black Cod with Salt Baked Swede and Black Garlic by Adam Reid

Prep Time: 
10 min
Cook Time: 
20 min


• 1 Black Cod fillet
• 500g coarse salt
• 2 swede

Salt Pastry
• 1k plain flour
• 250g coarse salt 250g
• 250g fine salt

• 1 bulb black garlic
• 200ml white wine vinegar
• 500ml rapeseed oil


1. Coat fillet in salt, leave for 12 hours, wash in cold water and dry
2. Make the salt pastry by mixing the plain flour, coarse salt, fine salt & water together to pastry consistency
3. Peel swede, wrap in the salt paste and bake at 18⁰C for 35 minutes, allow to rest in pastry for 1 hour. Open & mash swede
4. Over hot coals, add plenty of smoking ships, allow to ignite then cover with lid to put out & wait till smoking heavily. Add fillet and cook for 10 minutes
5. Blend peeled garlic cloves, vinegar & oil
6. Warm swede mash, place into a bowl and flake cod over, drizzle dressing over and serve