Peppered Alaska Pollock with Pickled Radish and Chicken Skin by Adam Reid

Prep Time: 
30 min


• Alaska pollock 1 x fillet
• 500g coarse salt

Pepper crumb:
• 50g All Spice
• 100g pink peppercorns
• 25g black peppercorns
• 50g green peppercorns
• 25g coriander seeds
• 10g dill seed
• 200g white miso
• Radish (breakfast)

Standard pickle:
• 300g honey
• 300g white vinegar
• 1kg water
• X1 orange peel
• X5 juniper berries
• X3 cardamom pods
• X2 bay leaves
• 50g thyme
• X10 shallots
• 30g salt
• 200g chicken skin
• Kosher salt


1. Fillet skin & trim and pin bone the Pollock
2. Coat lightly in coarse salt & sit for 30-60 minutes (size dependent)
3. Wash in cold water and dry
4. Make the pepper crumb by toasting the green peppercorns to remove excess brine
5. Blend all in a thermo, well crushed - not powdered
6. Toast 20g of mix with 10g chopped dill
7. Spread with miso and coat with pepper crumb
8. Make the pickle by slicing the shallots, mix with the other ingredients and bring to near the boil. Chill and pass
9. Slice/dice & chop radish into different desirable shapes
10. Pour over the lukewarm pickle & leave until needed. Alternatively, vacuum pack & use freshly
11. Spread chicken skin on a greased flat tray, season liberally with kosher salt, place another tray on top and bake at 180⁰C for 20 minutes, remove top tray & bake for another 10-20 minutes until crispy & puffed
12. Sear the cod portions over high heat until crispy on edges but juicy in the centre (3 - 4 minutes), top with radishes and crispy skin