Alaska Salmon & Saffron Aioli Bruschetta


2x tinned red Alaska Salmon
80g rocket
2g salt
1g pepper
20ml ev olive oil
0.5 slice seeded sourdough
4 spoons Salsa Fresca
30 ml salad dressing
200 ml saffron aioli

Ingredients for Salsa Fresca:

0.5 red onion
0.5 fennel
10g mint
5g tarragon
1x lemon juice & zest
10g parsley
5x heritage tomatoes - assorted
20ml ev olive oil
2g salt
1g pepper

Ingredients for Saffron Aioli:

0.5 lemon-juice
30g peeled garlic
50ml ev olive oil
2.5g saffron
300ml mayonnaise


1) Remove salmon from tin, carefully remove any skin and bone ​
2) Lightly break up fish and fold through the aioli​
3) Slice a 2cm piece of the bread and grill on both sides​
4) Rub one side of the bread with raw garlic, drizzle extra virgin olive oil over the top and sprinkle a little salt and pepper, place on the plate​
5) Two large tablespoons of the salmon mix​ and two large tablespoons of the Salsa Fresca​
6) Place a small handful of the rocket​ and drizzle the dressing over the rocket and plate

Preparation of Salsa Fresca:

1)Cut each tomato into quarters lengthways, cut out the seeds and hard stalk end and dice into ½ cm pieces
2) Dice the red onion into ½ cm pieces
3) Dice the fennel into ½ cm pieces
4) Roughly chop the herbs
5) Transfer all ingredients into a bowl and mix well

Preparation of Saffron Aioli:

1) Cut out a square of tin foil and place the garlic cloves in the centre, sprinkle with a pinch of salt and the extra virgin olive oil
2) Wrap up the garlic in a loose parcel and place in a preheated oven at 160 degrees C for 12 minutes
3) Once cooked remove the garlic and oil and transfer to a bowl
4) Crush garlic into a rough paste, add the saffron, lemon juice, mayonnaise and mix well