Smoked Alaska Salmon with Horseradish Cream, Capers and Egg by Adam Reid

Prep Time: 
20 min
Cook Time: 
20 min


• 1 Alaska salmon side
• 250g fine salt
• 250g caster sugar
• 50g cayenne pepper

Horseradish sauce:
• 30g grated horseradish
• 30g white wine vinegar
• 5g English mustard powder
• 10g caster sugar
• Salt and pepper to season
• 100g lightly whipped double cream
• 300g crème fraiche
• 200g mini capers
• 4 large hen eggs
• Sea salt to season
• Cracked black pepper to season


1. Mix sugar, salt & pepper
2. Fillet, scale, trim & pin bone the Alaska salmon
3. Cover liberally in the salt & sugar mix and leave for 12 hours
4. Wash in cold water and dry
5. Pile chips/dust in the bottom of BBQ, with a blowtorch, set on fire. Cover with a lid to smoulder.
6. Place the salmon on a rack in smoke until the smoke dissipates. If stronger flavour required, repeat process
7. To make the horseradish sauce, soak the horseradish in hot water for 5 minutes
8. Drain then mix with vinegar, mustard, and sugar
9. Fold into creams and season accordingly
10. Hard boil the eggs (7 minutes) and chill rapidly in iced water
11. Separate yolks and whites, push through a sieve separately
12. Slice salmon & plate, sprinkle over the sauce then generously add other ingredients. Season with sea salt and cracked black pepper