Smoked Alaska Salmon Penne Pasta


4 shallots- very finely chopped
2 Spring Onions- finely chopped
5 Garlic Cloves, finely chopped
20g Salted Butter
35ml Vodka
Generous Pinch of Saffron mixed into 400ml Boiling Fish Stock
200g Leap Wild Smoked Sockeye Salmon- chopped
400ml Whipping Cream
1 lemon, juice & zest
110g Parmesan- finely grated
2 Tbsp finely chopped chives
350g Penne
Salt and Black Pepper
Chives to garnish


1. Fry on a low/medium the shallots, spring onions and garlic in a frying pan with a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and the butter.
2. Deglaze with the vodka and cook off before adding the saffron stock. Reduce for 10 minutes then add the whipping cream.
3. Cook the pasta in very salty water according to the packets instructions.
4. 2 Minutes before the pasta needs to be drained, add the lemon juice, zest, 2/3 of the parmesan, chives and season. Add the smoked salmon.
5. Drain the pasta and reserve a small cup of the pasta water. Add this to the creamy smoked salmon sauce and stir to evenly coat the pasta.
6. Serve with an extra sprinkling of parmesan and chives.