Sockeye Salmon Wrapped in Kombu by Alyn Williams

Prep Time: 
10 min
Cook Time: 
20 min


• 1 side Sockeye Salmon
• 200g table salt
• 200g caster sugar
• 2 sheets nori
• Zest 2 lemons
• Kombu sheets soaked in water


1. Skin & pin bone the salmon fillet, remove the blood line
2. Blitz together the salt, sugar, nori and lemon zest in a food processor
3. Pack the salmon with this mixture for 45 minutes, then wash off with iced water and pat dry with a cloth.
4. Soak the kombu in cold fresh water for at least 2 hours
5. Place one or two sheets of the seaweed to cover bother the top and bottom of the salmon
6. Cook directly on the bbq until the salmon is cooked