Wild Alaska Pollock Pies by Adam Reid


• 750g flour
• 175g butter
• 175g lard
• 180g water
• 60g yolk
• 8g salt
• 8g vinegar
Alaska Pollock
• Pollock bellies (skinned)
• 300g sliced leeks
• 50g butte
• 300g potatoes
• 50g dripping
• Roe powder


1. Dice and freeze the butter and lard.
2. Add flour and salt to the frozen butter and lard, robot coupe to breadcrumbs.
3. Add water, yolks and vinegar & pulse twice – work together by hand.
4. Rest as a block for 30 minutes.
5. Roll out and rest for another 30 minutes. It is then ready to be used.
6. Roll thinly and line 5cm tartlet moulds.
Alaska Pollock
1. Poach pollock bellies in milk until flaking then drain and reserve.
2. Sweat the sliced leeks in butter until soft.
3. Dice potato and cook slowly in dripping in a covered pan until soft.
4. Dehydrate scallop roes and blend to a powder.
To finish:
Mix fish, potatoes & leeks, season with salt & lemon juice. Fill pie cases and dust with powder.