Wild Alaska Rock Dog​


Rock dog​:

4 rock fillets-defrosted​
2 sheets of nori paper​
80g tempura batter​

Tempura batter:​

60ml sparkling water​
1 pinch salt​

Hellfire ketchup​:

50g ketchup​
50g siracha sauce​
2ml squid ink​

Crispy seaweed​:

150g savoy cabbage, shredded​
5g salt​
5g caster sugar​

Pickled onion ring​:

1 x large white onion, sliced into rings​
100ml milk​
100ml white wine vinegar​
10g caster sugar​
5g salt​


4 x charcoal sub roll​
80ml kewpie mayo​
200g string fries​


Rock dog:

1) Remove the skin from fish fillets, press and dry between jay cloth for 2 min ​
2) Fold fish skin side out​
3) Lay out a sheet of clingfilm, 30cm in length​
4) Cut nori sheets in half, place 1 half at the the bottom of the cling film​
5) Place fish fillet at the bottom of nori, use clingfilm to roll nori sheet round fish, tuck in back edge and continue to roll fish to the end​
6) Twist each end until the roll is lightly firm and shaped like a sausage​
7) Tie each end and chill for 2 hours​


1) Place tempura batter dry mix and salt into a bowl, slowly pour in sparkling water, mixing at all times till smooth and set aside​

Hellfire Ketchup:

1) Add ketchup, siracha and squid ink together, mix and set aside​

Crispy seaweed:​
1) Drop cabbage into fryer set @ 160 deg C​
2) Lift as it becomes darker and bubbling slows down, trying to avoid it turning brown​
3) Place onto paper towel, sprinkle salt and sugar over cabbage and set aside​

Pickled onion ring:

1) Gently separate outer rings, remove centre​
2) Place rings in a shallow dish and pour over milk​
3) Allow to sit for 1 hour​
4) In a small sauce pan add the vinegar, salt and sugar, bring to the simmer and remove from heat, allow to cool​
5) Remove onion rings from milk and cover with vinegar mix, allow to sit for at leased 1 hour​


1) Unwrap fish sausage, roll in plain flour, remove excess and roll in tempura. lay directly into hot oil- set @170 deg C, cook for 2 min​
2) Repeat process with onion ring​
3) Slice top of bun, toast gently. Once cooked lay fish sausage into top of bun​
4) Liberally drizzle kewpie mayo and hellfire ketchup across bun and sausage​
5) Sprinkle crispy seaweed along length of sausage​
6) Cut small notch out of onion ring, place round sausage​