Wild Alaska Salmon Keta-bab​


Shawarma salmon:

4 keta salmon fillets ​
10g round coriander seed​
5g ground cumin seeds​
2g dried oregano​
10g paprika​
1g ground bay leaf​
2g ground clove​
5g ground white pepper​
10g ground turmeric​
20g olive oil​
40g pomegranate molasse​
50g water​

Sweet pickled red cabbage & fennel​:

100g red cabbage, shredded​
50g fennel, shredded​
0.5g fennel seeds​
0.5g coriander seeds​
3g salt​
3g caster sugar​
50 red wine vinegar​
30g water​


180g crated cucumber, strained​
5g chopped mint​
1 x lemon zest​
½ x lemon juice​
100g strained yoghurt​
1g ground black pepper​
5g salt​

Smokey Chilli sauce​:

500g chilli’s, stalk removed​
200g banana shallot, peeled, sliced into ¼ lengthways​
240g Salad tomato​
60g garlic, peeled​
20g fresh coriander​
20g fresh parsley leaf​
30g pomegranate molasse​
20 caster sugar​
25 cider vinegar​
40 salt​
1g fennel seeds​
50g water​
30g olive oil​


12 x mini flat bread​
¼ iceberg lettuce, shredded​
4 tblsp pomegranate seeds​
12 Lombardi chilli peppers​
Picked parsley​
Picked coriander​
Picked dill​
Picked mint​


Shawarma salmon-:

1) Remove skin from salmon​
2) Mix all dry ingredients, toast in a dry frying pan over a low/med heat for 2 min, do not allow to burn​
3) Pour toasted spices into a bowl and mix in the molasse, oil and water​
4) Use 50g of marinade for the 4 salmon fillets, coat liberally, cover and chill overnight​
5) Sweet pickled red cabbage & fennel-​
6) Place the sugar, salt, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, vinegar and water into a pan and bring to the simmer​
7) Pour over the shredded cabbage and fennel, allow to cool​


1) Mix all ingredients, set aside​

Smokey chilli sauce:

1) BBQ chilli's till 50% charred skin​
2) Place chilli, garlic, shallots and tomatoes into a tray and lightly coat in oil​
3) Roast @150 deg C for 20 min​
4) Allow to cool slightly then place all ingredients into a blender and blend for 2 min​


1) Pre-heat oven to 300 deg C​
2) Place salmon on a tray, season with salt and lightly drizzle a 1tsp of oil over the surface​
3) Cook for 3 min​
4) Toast 3 small flatbread​
5) Lay a small amount of lettuce on flat bread​
6) Lay a small amount of cabbage mix around flat bread​
7) Break salmon into 1 inch pieces, lay around flat bread​
8) Place 2 tsp of tzatziki around each flatbread​
9) Liberally drizzle chilli sauce across flatbread​
10) Sprinkle 1 tsp of pomegranate seeds across flatbread​
11) Place 1 Lombardi chilli's on flatbread​
12) Sprinkle mixed fresh herbs over flatbread​