Wild Alaska Sole Sando


Sole Katsu​:

2 sole fillets, defrosted​
50g plain flour​
1 x egg​
10ml milk​
30g panko​
2 x spring thyme, picked​

Roast garlic tartare:​

50g garlic, peeled​
20g butter​
50g cornichon, roughly chopped​
20g capers​
20g shallots, fine diced​
5g parsley, chopped​
5g tarragon, chopped​
15g mirin​
150g mayonnaise​

Rainbow ribbons​:

20g carrot, peeled, sliced 1mm​
20g white cabbage, sliced 1mm​
200g red cabbage, sliced 1mm​
30g mayonnaise​
Pea & horseradish puree​
100g frozen peas​
10g horseradish cream​
10g mint leaves​
1 x lemon zest​
½ lemon juice​


2 x Japanese milk loaf, thick slice​


Sole katsu:

1) Pat dry fish fillets​
2) Dredge fillet in plain flour, shake off excess​
3) Whisk milk and egg together​
4) Dredge fillets in egg and milk wash​
5) Mix thyme and panko​
6) Dredge fillet in panko​
7) Cover and chill ​
8) Roast garlic tartare-​
9) Make a small parcel out of tinfoil​
10) Place garlic and butter into parcel and fold top​
11) Cook in oven for 20 min @ 150 deg C​
12) Once soft and lightly brown, squash with a fork to a rough puree​
13) Mix all ingredients, set aside​

Rainbow ribbons:

1) Mix all ribbons & mayo​
2) Pea & wasabi puree-​
3) Set a pan of boiling water, blanch peas for 2min​
4) Refresh in ice water​
5) Add all ingredients to a blender and blend for 2 min​


1) Lightly toast bread​
2) Lightly butter inside of both slices​
3) Spread a thick layer of tartare on inside of one slice​
4) Spread thick layer of puree on the inside of the other slice​
5) Deep fry2 sole katsu for 2 min @ 170 deg C​
6) Lift sole and pat dry with paper towel​
7) Season lightly with salt​
8) Place sole katsu onto puree slice​
9) Place a small heap of ribbons on top of fish, top with other sole katsu and then the other slice of bread​
10) Trim crusts and into a square​
Cut sando in half, place one side next to the other, skewer together to hold​